Bildschirmfoto 2015-07-23 um 13.05.42Bildschirmfoto 2015-07-23 um 13.05.15Participating Projects: 2470media Citizen Journalism, Oui Share, Supermarkt Berlin, Context, Context sustainable walking, DIY everything, Micro Housing, Non Violent Communnication, Bürgeruni, Changing Course Berlin, Make Sense, coop for sustainable furniture, Guerilla Theatre projects, Unfucktheplanet,  Material Mafia – up-cycling and right sourcing of building & materials, Loesje – Social sustainability through creative writing, freelancers rightBildschirmfoto 2015-07-23 um 13.06.07s movement, AGORA – co-working and culture space, Ozon Cyclery (bamboo bikes), Creative coding, Bureau For New Work Rituals – interactive social games and rituals (whole day, all over)

We had a full program including short presentations of local sustainable projects and a groovy party in the boat house + 1/2 hour workshops & film screening in the Kater Holzig.  Plenty of drinks and home cooked tasty Indonesian vegan food in the boat house lounge served by Enak-Enak (profit was used for ahome-cooking refugee project. Short Film Screenings of berlinfolgen – 2470 media in conjunction with Taz produced The Grimme Award winning series of 100 short films that provide empathic glimpses into the lives of a wide cross section of Berliners.

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Program 2013