emergent berlin festival 2016 *emerging baumhaus*

moving forward towards sustainability

which initiatives and ideas for social and ecological change are emerging in our city? what can we do ourselves and together to bring forward positive change? what should happen in the emerging baumhaus project space?

2016’s festival was the baumhaus space kick-off. during the week, there was still building and decoration work going on in the space. the festival program was smaller, more focussed on exchange and conversations about how we can move forward…  and an invitiation to present and plan events and projects connected to the baumhaus space.

three weeks full of  local projects, workshops, presentations, brainstorming and building. whether you are just curious, actively working in a project, or would like to become more engaged – we invite our fellow neighbors and people who want to make the world a better place in berlin to join us for and co-create some days of informal exchange, brainstorming and listening…

** opening weekend 24.-25.09. bringing together people & projects
the space is yours. present your projects and ideas and meet your fellow neighbors and local changemakers from…
…berlin *24.9.
…wedding *25.9.

** theme days 1.-16.10. continuing the conversation
get to know what people are working on, see where we can support each other. with presentations from both scientists and local initiatives, workshops and other events. on six theme days we want to focus on some perspectives of sustainability in berlin and beyond…
…personal *1.10.* inner transformation
…ecologic *2.10.* climate change
…aesthetic *8.10.* art and sustainability
…cultural *9.10.* refugees and expats
…economic *15.10.* degrowth and practice
…social *16.10.* urban transformation

a festival for bottom-up transformation towards sustainability in wedding and berlin – and the kick-off event for our emerging baumhaus project space here in gerichtstraße 23 in wedding.

participants include: the real junk food project, future fashion forward e.v., foodsharing, anna nehl (wake up), boris bornemann (max-planck-institut), sonja geiger (tu berlin), sabina abdulajeva, matthias pommerening (iass), naturtrip.org, lara (ende gelände), anette jensen (journalistin), falko leukhardt (rat für nachhaltige entwicklung), henrike lindemann (impuls agentur für angewandte utopien), cyceloo (transition town pankow), bantabaa e.v., berlin im wandel,…