*Call for Participation (EN)*

* Present your project or initiative
What are you currently working on and what do you need help with? You can either sign up to
(a) give a short 1-3min pitch at the weekend-evenings (choose a theme day that fits your project)
(b) take part in a project session on a weekday evening (15min presentation, plus a full evening to get in depth feedback, ideas and interactions with the audience).

* Help moderate & catalyze interactions
Do you like to moderate? Join the team for the “Collaborative Catalyst Sessions”: help facilitating the discussion with various methods, host a world café, etc

* Offer a workshop
Up-cycling, Yoga, Project Management, cooking … Let us know which skills you would like to share.

* Contribute an artistic performance
You’re an juggler, dancer, musician? Produced a film to make the world a better place? Get in touch!

* Are you an builder / craftsmen / artist?
Weekdays 11am-5pm there will be collaborative design & building sessions to further build the Baumhaus project space. Just show up and join us..


Apply now – the earlier the better to secure yourself a spot. Just fill out the short form, and we’ll get back to you to discuss scheduling and details…


* Just Show Up!
If you would like to spontaneously attend events then check the Baumhaus calendar of events as they are posted.  Most events you can just show up for, some workshops may be limited in space and you may have to rsvp for.