Some of  2014’s participating initiatives included: Think2Share, Berlin Greeter, Makers Flair, Authentic Berlin, Polly Bob, GUT GELAUFEN, Fair-handeln!!!, Sustainability Drinks Berlin, Dönerkind, Buerger-Uni, d.collective/better today, AWO Friedrichshain, Leila *, .garage, Von Pappe, id22, Material Mafia, Entretempo, Oui Share, Make Sense, Sharehaus, betterplace.org Berlin, Ao Amor, thechanger.org, Karma Games, CoHousing 3.0, Cooperative 3.0, trial & error, Nicolai Sune, non-green-gardening, Premium Cola, Quartiermeister, Vision Talk, Berlin Burners, Creative Consciousness Berlin, Weitblick Berlin, TeePee Land, Food Assembly Germany, Konferenz der Visionäre, Bed & Breakslow, Spirit Berlin, Lernwerkstatt X, Bicyclope; also Live-Musik: Galeb & The Seagull, Siv Jacobsen, Sara Serodio, The Neigh-Kid Horse, Rob Longstaff & Leiseylento, DJs: The Henrik Maneuver, Dj Vela, Dj Skizum, Beatkolletiv, ; Late Night Film Screenings & Discussion: “Years of Living Dangerously”, “Busking For Berlin” ; a Super Swanky Boathouse Lounge (provided by our friends at the Tango Loft); Open program in Teepee Land, Spree Boat Tours, FIT Firetruck Sauna, Creative Maker-Space for kids and adults…

Program-Overview 2014 (PDF)

Programm-Heft 2014 (PDF)