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Nov. 7, 9, 14 & 16
Doors open at 18:00
Presentations start at 19:20 – front room
Workshop starts at 19:30 – back room

Pay-as-you-feel €4 – €8, at the door, please consider:
• your personal budget
• the value of your time spent at Baumhaus
• the value of supporting the Baumhaus

Das Baumhaus Berlin
Gerichtstr. 23, Front house, ground floor
13347 Berlin


• Wednesday Nov. 7

19:20 – Mifactori’s Hypercircularity, Lars Zimmermann


How to bring circularity to your living, making and city.

http://mifactori.de/ https://oscedays.org/

19:40 – Konstantin Mercks

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My musical vision in a broader sense is to reach, inspire and connect people with different backgrounds to work all together on a vibrant sustainable world.  I regard my music as just one liberating opening part in a broader process encouraging people to conquest the challenges in this world and putting love and hope in the place of devastating disillusions.


20:00 – Anne Westwards, One woman’s adventure cycling across the globe connecting with humanity…

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My name is Anne– and I explore the world in a slow, conscious way: Traveling overland. Solo. By bicycle. I am drawn mostly into the solitude of wildly beautiful nature, far off the beaten track. To be in the moment and deeply connect with myself. To take my surroundings in with all of my senses. To really take my time for drinking countless cups of tea with the elders of a village. I report from my expeditions as an author, photographer and public speaker. Inspiration, deceleration and an eye for the essentials in life – that is what I am trying to share with you. At present, I am very excited to start the crowdfunding for my first book about cycling through Iran (more info at the links below). I am filled to the brim with stories from my last adventure: more than a year on the road inspired by the ancient silk roads, cycling solo through Asia and the Middle East. I cannot wait to share some of those experiences with you in person. Let me take you far off the beaten track, be it into the homes and hearts of local people or into the solitude of breathtakingly beautiful nature. See you soon at the Baumhaus! https://annewestwards.com/ https://www.facebook.com/annewestwards/ Crowdfunding for the book: https://annewestwards.com/crowdfunding/

• Friday Nov. 9

19:20 – Katosi Inter-community Development Alliance (KIDA) – Henry Nsubuga, Co-founder, volunteer coordinator & social worker

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KIDA was founded in 2012 to offer; • Elementary education support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (ovc), • Community development by mentoring and empowering families, youths and women groups in development, health awareness (including the prevention of HIV/AIDS) • Vocational skills training in trades for development to women, girls and youths in general. • Promotion and advocative services for human and environment rights.

Katosi Inter-community Development Alliance takes a community-driven approach to developing the programs necessary to a healthy, self-sufficient community: early education, vocational training, and basic health care and sustainable livelihoods.

We coordinate with organized groups of widows and community leaders in deciding what programs and projects are most necessary and desirable within the community. We endeavor to contribute towards self-sufficiency, and we seek ways to help every individual find a life of hope and dignity. Our New Project : Funding a Skills Development Center https://www.katosi-community.org/about/

19:40 – Do Something! Volunteering at a Refugee Camp in Greece – Natalie Holmes (EN)

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Unlike here in Berlin, there’s a declining number of organizations in Greece actively assisting with the ongoing humanitarian crisis. Tens and even hundreds of refugees from war torn countries continue to arrive daily. While the big-picture solutions may be political, there are things you can do on a personal level to directly impact people’s lives. Refugee Support operates in camps across mainland Greece to deliver aid with dignity. Find out about the valuable work they do from a recent volunteer, how you can get involved, and what to expect from the experience.

Natalie Holmes Natalie is a British freelance writer who has lived in Berlin for 10 years. She writes about cities, culture, and the intersection of science and technology. She is also the co-founder of two local initiatives: Mind the Gap, a community working to close the gender wealth & income gaps; and DangerousTech, a platform for digital rights and social impact innovation. https://natalieholmes.contently.com/ http://mindthegaphub.com/ https://www.facebook.com/dangeroustech/

Refugee Support Europe Refugee Support offers humanitarian aid with dignity to refugees, while also supporting the local economy. A small, dynamic organization that relies on caring volunteers to deliver our aid with dignity, they work in partnership with supporters, local communities and large agencies. That means every penny they raise goes directly to improving the lives of people forced to flee war and violence. http://refugeesupport.eu/

20:00 The Freegees – Portrait XO (EN)

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The Freegees is a new opportunity for displaced artists to co-create music with other creatives for a social cause.  At the heart of this initiative is the mission to nurture collaboration, diversity, and humanity with art, music, and storytelling. For World Food Day, musicians from different parts of the world came together to write The Freegees anthem song to celebrate the launch of this platform.  Additionally, there are a handful of other artists who have contributed music to support The Freegees and World Food Day. How does it work?  When you purchase a song, you support the artist and share one meal through ShareTheMeal.  You can even text a freegee to engage.  For this month long campaign, The Freegees is all about art for love, freedom, and end world hunger.  The goal is to link with other NGO’s and non-profits that help refugees all around the world and create meaningful content for different campaigns, always involving other creative displaced artists e.g. Christmas, World Refugee Day, etc.

http://thefreegees.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEKth0jU3O8

• Wednesday Nov. 14

19:20 – Healing The Business World – Why We Need A Global Transformation – Jonathan Klodt, Leadership³ (DE/EN)

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There is a huge transformation going on: A simultaneous process of something new being born & something old about to die. It shows by it’s symptoms caused by the friction: instability, fear, depression, resignation, burnout, …
Like the caterpillar going into the cocoon, we need safe spaces where we are allowed to be vulnerable and real. What if organizations provided these safe spaces for healing on a collective and individual level? It would pave the way for true future innovation. In this presentation I’ll share my vision on how this transition can be brought into the world.
About Leadership³
Leadership³ is a self-organized network. For more than seven years we have been supporting individuals and organizations in the field of collective leadership. We facilitate the personal and professional development of individuals and teams. Our main purpose is to create organizational cultures and organic structures based on trust and respect. We live what we share and experiment with new leadership models within our own organization. For our contribution we received the XING New Work Award 2017.
About Jonathan
Jonathan Klodt supports individuals and organizations as a leadership coach and transformation catalyst on their path towards exponential impact in a culture of personal development.
As a Business graduate he co-founded several companies and worked as a project manager for international NGOs. His passion is to question the status quo and „how things have to be done.“ He loves to inspire people to live their potential unapologetically by following their passion and purpose.

19:40 – Emergent Truth, sharing awareness – Richard Schut (DE/EN)


In a world fractured by people living in their own “truth-bubble”, the Power of Moo sets out to connect people across their “bubbles”. With playful interaction, theatre at unconventional places and an open heart the Power of Moo invites you to become part of the “emotional renaissance of the 21st century” – a journey into the unknown, into the emerging “truth” of our times.


20:00 “Courage to Change, Courage to Act”,  Elisabeth Kremer – Program Manager Kreisau-Initiative e.V. (DE/EN)

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“Courage to Change, Courage to Act” aims to broaden the practice of education for sustainable development (ESD) and in particular transformative education in Germany and Poland. The core of the project is a training cycle for multipliers, offering 10 thematic 3-day seminars designed for teachers as well as multipliers in non-formal education. We inspire and empower change agents, spread and develop methods which allow for a deconstruction of “mental infrastructures”, and help building a supportive German-Polish network of educators.

Transformative learning is an educational approach which fosters a change of perspective on ourselves and on the world, which can then lead to further changes on the levels of attitudes and actions. During the trainings, we try out, reflect and adjust various methods of transformative learning, ESD, de-growth education etc. Thereby, we promote critical, systemic and unconventional thinking, holistic learning, personal and emotional connections and a close connection to nature. As a group, we also gain first-hand experiences of socio-ecological alternatives in Poland and Germany.

The project is coordinated by the Kreisau-Initiative, funded by the German Federal Environmental Foundation and the German-Polish Youth Office, and implemented together with seven partner institutions from Poland and Germany.


Next training – What grows when the economy grows? – Basics of growth criticism”, December 6-9, 2018 in Krzyżowa (Western Poland), ca. 60 km from Wroclaw

Elisabeth Kremer, Project manager socio-ecological transformation at Kreisau-Initiative.  Elisabeth is coordinating the project “Courage to Change, Courage to Act”. She is a passionate communicator, networker and a “hands-on” nature lover and educator. Elisabeth has spent quite some time abroad – studying (B.A. German-French studies, M.A. in European Studies), WWOOFing and exploring.

• Friday Nov. 16

19:20 – 1769, small sustainable building and living project seeks participants and helpers – Claudia Vogt & David Zehnter (EN)

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We are looking for students and experts in modern, sustainable living, engineering, building, architecture, design, business, tourism or agriculture, who want to live for some weeks/month in a beautiful, historical stone house in Spain.The house from 1769 is refurbished, off-grid, has solar panels, a generator, water-deposit, kitchen, bathroom, 3 sleeping rooms, 2 wood-stoves and wireless internet. The house with 3.9 hectares ground is surrounded by forests, hills, olive and almond trees and has a fantastic river to swim, once it has rained enough. However, the climate is semi-arid/mediterranean (Bsk/Csa Köppen): climate change and water-management is a challenge. A Mountain-Park is near. A great community is in the area. We need support in brainstorming, management, partnerships and investments to develop the house into a tech and design focused residency and ecolab. In exchange we offer free housing and earnings. Link: http://elclubdelosastronautas.com/1769 Email: algars1769@gmail.com Location: Calaceite, Aragon, Spain Ground: 3.9 hectars

19:40 – Eco Hacker Farm, Franz Gatzke & Aimee Fenech

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We mix permaculture with hacker culture in a cohabitation space. We are based about 2 hours out of Berlin but reachable by train, we grow our own food (as much as possible) and try to use technology to come to our aid in day to day life. We also make our solutions open source and our community template available to anyone who would also like to start their own community. Franz Gatzke After working in several startups, Franz traveled through Europe, visiting alternative projects across the continent. When he came back to Germany, he founded Eco Hacker Farm and Kuckucksmühle, a mix between a hacker space, co-living space, and an ecological community growing their own food and living according to permaculture principles. He is enthusiastic about changing the world for the better with technology and simpler lifestyles. He is committed to building open source software, and keeping privacy for the people. Aimee Fenech After 10 years in financial services Aimee left her career to found Eco Hacker Farm, Ventidos and eventually Project Manager at Kuckucksmühle, a co-living space mixed with permaculture and hackerspace. Having lived across Europe and experienced life both in the rat race and off it she is happy to now be a lifelong student, occasional nomad, eternal dreamer and writer, permaculture enthusiast, and aspires to a long, healthy and happy life. https://wiki.ecohackerfarm.org/kuckucksmuehle:start

20:00 – Das Baumhaus Berlin, How We Got Here and Where We Are Going Next, Scott Bolden & Karen Wohlert, Co-founders of Das Baumhaus Berlin

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A brief history from then until now and beyond with a practical project example and an invitation to join in doing whatever it is you love to do… http://www.baumhausberlin.de/