… Vertical Garden

Installing a Hydroponic Green Wall

Over the past few years, we have been researching and prototyping various versions of vertical gardens in the Baumhaus space.  One is already installed and now we would like to use some time during the festival to install one prototype section of our next version… Our sustainable green wall design features fleece pockets, a gravity fed watering system and no extra electric lights.

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Most elements of the design are ready to be installed and you are welcome to participate in the following activities:
• building a small shelf on the prototype to hold a water basin
• installing watering lines from the basin to the fleece
• attaching the fleece pockets to the hanging wall
• selecting more plants for testing
• experimenting with stones, ceramic and soil mixtures for plants
Overall, it will take about twenty more hours of work from a team of five or more people to finish the installation.

If you are interested in helping out in any way then send an email to info@baumhausberlin.de with the subject line ‘vertical garden’. A meeting schedule will be developed using a doodle to select several dates when we can work together.

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