About Emergent Berlin

Since 2013, our self-organised annual festival brings local projects & people who want to work for sustainability in Berlin and the world together in an informal and inspiring atmosphere.


The festival was started in 2013 by people around the Baumhaus Project, a socio-cultural initiative in Wedding set out to connect and inspire neighbors and local changemakers for the transformation towards sustainability. The idea was to organize an event for people and projects in our network like what could happen in the future Baumhaus project and event space we wanted to build.

A festival to connect various dimensions of local change – p.e.a.c.e.s. of sustainability

The emergent festival focusses on exploring themes around six dimensions of sustainability: PERSONAL who am i, where am i at in my life, where do i want to be and how do i get there? how do we find balance in our personal lives and become active actors of change? ECOLOGICAL how can we make change so that we live in balance with the ecosystem that supports life on the planet? AESTHETIC how can we understand and be in touch with the many ways it’s possible to sense the world? CULTURAL how do we appreciate and learn from our differences but also focus on what we have in common? ECONOMIC how can we create and maintain more balanced systems of organizing ourselves to live humanely together? SOCIAL how can we learn to communicate with each other so that we can truly understand each other and work collaboratively to support each other?

“Emergence” ist the process of collective collaborative intelligence manifesting itself. What’s emerging in Berlin is new ways we relate to each other, nature and ourselves: local sustainablity being built from the bottom-up…