Captura de Tela 2014-08-26 às 20.27.36Do you want to join organizing Emergent Berlin 2015?  That would be awesome.  Our festival is entirely self-organised, by an open network of supporters of the festival, without any major funding.  There is a lot of stuff to do in the coming weeks, and a good chunk of volunteer hours needed during the festival weekend… Let us know how and when you would like to participate!

Help organizing the Festival

If you can help now (e.g. communications, grafic design, spreading the word, translations, detailled planning of program parts like maker space,..) please write us a short mail: CONTACT

Be a Volunteer during the Festival

If you can help as a volunteer for a few hours during the festival, please fill out the contact form below – we’ll get back to you with more detailed infos! (And invite you to our pre-festival volunteer party)

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Which Languages do you speak?
 Deutsch Englisch

Other languages:

Which job could you imagine to do? Several optians are possible.

At which days do have time to be a helper at the fetival?
 Saturday 12. September Sunday 13. September

Do you have any special skills?

Is there there anything that you can not do? Or is there anything we have to be aware about