… Sustainability Thinking Workshop

So 11. Nov  16-19:00

A practical approach to an embodied understanding of sustainability across 6 dimensions.

A talk and workshop by Scott Bolden, co-founder of Baumhaus Berlin.

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This talk and workshop by Scott Bolden, co-founder of Baumhaus Berlin, is based on a few simple flexible frameworks developed to help people gain an embodied intuitive understanding of what it means to be sustainable across several dimensions of sustainability in both their personal and professional lives.
Scott Bolden bio: http://www.baumhausberlin.de/en/community/
Sustainability Thinking can also be thought of as an evolution of Design Thinking… Design Thinking centers around the ideas of “What are we designing and who are we designing for?”, whereas Sustainability Thinking asks, “Why are we designing and what are the systemic impacts of what we design?”
This talk and workshop will explore other questions like: What does it mean to be sustainable? What does it mean to live a sustainable life while contributing to creating a sustainable society and world? What are some practical and effective ways in our daily life to achieve these objectives in the short and long term?
PEACES is an acronym describing six integrated areas of sustainability (Personal, Ecologic, Aesthetic, Cultural, Economic & Social) where we as individuals as well as organizations can have direct and positive impact on ourselves each other and the world right now.
During this half day workshop, Scott will explain this simple flexible framework and give practical embodied examples in the context of our daily lives as well as those built into in the Baumhaus. Participants of all levels of experience are invited to join in the conversation and also identify some practical steps that they can start taking on their path towards living a sustainable life.
• Please arrive early enough to have time to explore and settle in so we can get the most out of our time together
• Bring a notebook and an open mind…
Doors open at 16:00, workshop is in the Baumhaus backroom
Workshop starts are 16:30
Pay-as-you-feel €8 – €20, after the workshop (includes coffee, tea & snacks). We ask participants to consider:
• their personal budget
• the value of their experiences during the workshop in the Baumhaus
• the value of supporting the Baumhaus so that we can continue facilitating these and various other types of experiences