. . . Open Greeting Zones and Meeting Points

“Open Greeting Zones” are areas where it is ok for you to walk up to anyone else or a group of people and feel welcomed to introduce yourself or join in the conversation. 

a social innovation from Das Bauhaus Berlin

We invite you to reframe what is socially acceptable, to shift our expectations of how we behave in situations where we do not already know people, creating a comfortable atmosphere for communication.

During the Festival, please feel free to introduce yourself to other visitors of the festival, start conversations with projects and organizations and discuss your ideas and questions with people you have never seen before.

There are two central meeting points in the festival area. Here you can meet people who feel like they would like to meet new people. At those meeting points, there will be lists displayed, where both visitors and participating projects can announce their presence at the meeting point for a certain time span. You can already sign up HERE.

Help us to transform the whole festival area into an Open Greeting Zone! Create an artwork to identify Open Greeting Zones.. and bring it to the Festival ! More info HERE.

O.G.Z. 1 @ Art Loft Berlin featuring the work of Wind Stone with a live action painting installation.

O.G.Z. 2 @ Fabrik 23 Werkloft featuring the work of various artists, performers and musicians.