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Are you interested in forming your own sustainable project business or need help developing the one you already have? Stop by our Project Help space on Saturday from 1pm – 5pm. Here you will get advice from:

• .garage berlin – legal forms, finances, businessplans,…
• betterplace.org – donations and public relations
• TheChanger.org – starting a social business
• Julia Beutling – using illustration for communication
• Jonathan Leupert – sustainable business models and Social Entrepreneurship
• Sabina Abdulajeva
– personal sustainability in projects

und um 17 Uhr noch ein Vortrag von Julia Beutling: “Auge an Herz. Was Illustration für Weltretter tun kann” @ Forsberg

und Sabina Abdulajeva gibt am Sonntag um 15Uhr noch einen Workshop!

More Infos

The .garage berlin offers advice on all the hard fact, like legal forms, finances, businessplans... The .garage is one of the leading coaching and advice places in Berlin for starting and running a business – and a social business itself. In 2006, Thomas Mampel, the founder and managing director of Stadtteilzentrum Steglitz e.V., developed the vision to build a neighborhood center that not only supports and encourages community engagement in the Steglizt district of Berlin, but also actively supports unemployed people with an entrepreneurial spirit to develop their own business enterprises and end their dependency on social welfare from the Arbeitsagentur and Jobcenter. 

TheChanger be offering advice for people, who would like to start their own Social Enterprise and for people who already started, but need advice. Some of the questions we will be able to answer: Where to get funding for your Social project? how to find the right people to work for/ with you? How to get into the sector? What business form to choose? where to set office space? etc. The Changer (www.thechanger.org) is a platform for Jobs, Events, News and Resources for effective social change.

Julia Beutling is an an illustrator who likes to work with and for world rescuers. But not only with grassroots groups but also with much bigger organisations I often notice how rarely they use illustration. Yet it can be ideal for all sorts of activism: highly effective, quickly understandable, usable everywhere and comparatively easy to produce (at least by pros) . I want to encourage organisations to consider illustration when planning their communications, inspire ideas and explain a bit how illustrators work. www.juliabeutling.de, animalsavedtoday.tumblr.com

Jonathan Leupert will help you with developments of sustainable business models and Social Entrepreneurship. Jonathan studied business administration and is working with the concept of “Upcycling” and fashion since 2009. Fascinated by the aspect of textile waste reduction, design and developing new business models he initially co-founded aluc, which was followed by the first German blog about upcycling fashion and the first concept store entirely dedicated to this topic. Recently, Jonathan became a founding member of Fashion Revolution Germany e.V., a NGO which helps to raise awareness of the true cost of fashion. He was always inspired by people’s thirst for action and loves to contribute his skills to great projects or encourage young entrepreneurs in their early stages trying to push inspiring ideas forward. Since 2015 he is working as mentor for the international mentoring project “enpact“. www.aluc.eu

Sabina Abdulajeva Running your own business that you can truly stand behind allows you to enter into life more intensely. It demands integrity and courage to recognise what makes you come alive, to make it into your work, and to invest into it with joy and perseverance. It asks from you to give up being safely wrapped in routines and expectations. It wakes up your vital forces and challenges you daily.  In this process you learn lots of life lessons, you grow and develop together with your project. For this you need energy and clarity, to be healthy and ready for surprises, to give your best, and to go forward in times of inevitable setbacks. This way of being, tuned-in with life in and around you, is what I describe as personal sustainability. It is based on physical awareness, movement and creativity in everyday life. sabina-abdulajeva.com www.laforesta.co