. . . Project presentations Sunday

At 1pm, presentations of local social and ecological projects will start…

• 13:00 Begrüßung
• 13:15 Tauschring Wedding
• 13:30 Himmelbeet Gemeinschaftsgarten
• 13:45 Brotback & Aufstrich-Kollektiv
• 14:00 BürgerEnergieBerlin
• 14:15 WeddingWandler (Transition Town)
• 14:30 Polly & Bob
• 14:45 Biokräuterei Oberhavel
• 15:00 Daniel Hires
• 15:15 Südost Europa Kultur e.V.
• 15:30 Maia (Typographer’s Kitchen)
• 15:45 Café des Schicksals
• 16:00 Hände weg vom Wedding!
• 16:15 georg+georg
• 16:30 Kiezmütter
• 16:45 Baufachfrau Berlin e.V.
• 17:00
 Kulturen im Kiez e.V.
• 17:15 Tauschring im Aufbau Soldiner Kiez
• 17:30 DRK-Kiezzentrum Humboldthain
• 17:45 Upfull Posse
• 18:00 Interkultureller Garten Rosenduft
• 18:15 Dickes Bee FoodCoop
• 18:30 18.591km
• 18:45 Baumhaus

Special guest – presentations

(Berlin and beyond Initiatives)

14:00 Luise Neumann-Cosel von BürgerEnergieBerlin (citizen’s initiative to buy back the Berlin energy grid )
14:45 Biokräuterei Oberhavel (community supported agriculture, also in Wedding)
15:00 Daniel Hires, Co-Founder of Silent Climate Parade, BerlinMakeSense.org

Luise Neumann-Cosel from BürgerEnergieBerlin (citizen-owned power supply systemWe are a free, cross-party coalition of citizens who are committed to a sustainable, democratic and sustainable energy policy in Berlin. In our cooperative each member has one vote regardless of the amount of its contribution.

Daniel Hires, Co-Founder of Silent Climate Parade, BerlinMakeSense.org Daniel Hires creates projects and movements that challenge the status quo.
 Currently, he is developing MakeSense Germany as a social business and launching the SenseCube social startup acceleration programme in Berlin. Daniel is passionate about building communities that empower people to take collaborative action on their ideas for a better world. He initiated MakeSense hotspots in Berlin and Busan (South Korea), co-created the SenseCamp unconference format, co-founded the Silent Climate Parade Berlin, co-authored a book on kickstarting projects, and frequently travels the world to speak, mentor and coach teams.