Saturday 9.9. Theme Day “Aesthetic Sustainability”


Aesthetics is about all the ways it is possible to sense the world. This includes but is not limited to what we see, hear, touch, smell, taste and sense with our intuition and emotion. Are you interested in understanding, heightening and integrating your daily sensory experience as part of transition towards sustainability? Are you looking to find and share ways to balance out your personal life through an exploration of aesthetics? Do you have a project, research and ideas that you would like to share?
Join us for a self-organised theme day in Baumhaus project space as part of the ‘Emergent Berlin Festival’.
18:00 Doors Open – It’s pay-as-you-feel between 3-8€ at the door, bring healthy snacks to share if you like… Feel free to engage in any part of the program or just enjoy interacting in the open space.
18:30 – 20:30 Workshop – Yoga and Mindfulness (back room)
18:30 – 19:30 Project Presentation & Workshop – Welaborate; “a network for collaborative economy, matching needs with solutions”
20:00 Quick pitches – 1 to 3 min to let everyone know you are out there and what you could use help with
20:30 Creative Catalyst Session: Aesthetic Sustainability
* After a brief introduction to the topic and each other, we will spend the in discussion to help each other identify areas that we are interested in exploring more specifically.
We will spend he evening together actively diving into questions like: What does it mean to have balance in our lives in these ways? What are the practical steps we can help each other take along our personal journey’s towards living sustainable, balanced and satisfying lives?
…And of course, hanging out and getting to know each other better while having fun!

BaumhausLogo05_WEBDas Baumhaus is an open socio-cultural project in Wedding. We connect, inspire and empower each other, neighbors, organizations and local changemakers working for transition to sustainability. In our project space, people and projects from a broad variety of backgrounds come together, meet and collaborate.




Das Baumhaus
Greichstr. 23, front house, ground floor
13347, Berlin