. . . Preparing and Sharing Food – for a sustainable local agriculture

This year we’ll have the first time on the festival a big community dinner. Come join us for preparing the meal!

Join us starting at 11am! Together, we’ll cut enourmous amount vegetables – like two-legged carrots and other vegetables that didn’t pass the ridiciolous standards for vegetables shapes that are permitted in supermarkets… It’ll be fun, good talks, healthy food, good music and at 2pm there will be even djs (WynT & Minoto) and the Peter Ehwald Jazz Trio will be playing for us. From 5pm to 7pm there will be a good meal for everyone!
csm_logo_5d7a34f09aI’s an event in cooperation with ‘Meine Landwirtschaft’, an intitiative for a transformation in agriculture:“MahlZeit für gutes Essen – ohne TTIP, Gentechnik und Tierfabriken”

In cooperation with: