/ Theme 2019

* I m m e r s i v e   R e a l i t i e s  II * places & spaces

i m m e r s i v e : tending to fully dive into, to engage deeply
r e a l i t y : the state of things as they actually exist

Continuing last year’s theme, this year’s Emergent Berlin 2019 sets out to explore “the art of resonant place-& space-making” in connection with the notion of creating immersive realities.

The notion of *immersive realities* was sparked by considering the balance between the amount of time we spend communicating, connecting and interacting in the real world versus time in the virtual, augmented, remote and digital worlds in our personal and professional lives. For further catalyzing transformation towards sustainability, we urgently need to be more immersed in the embodied experiences of the ‘real’ reality. And it’s within moments of being immersed in balanced relationships to ourselves, each other and the world, that we can realize a deeper understanding of and deeper engagement with acting sustainably. How can we create more resonant and meaningful experiences of sustainability in the city?

So with this year’s festival, we invite you to join us in exploring how to activate places & spaces to provide those opportunities for a more embodied experience of sustainability. Everybody is invited to contribute, present initiatives, share ideas and skills and join the conversation!