Day 2 of the festival, “Emergent Wedding” will focus more on our neighborhood and bring together people and projects from Wedding…

Who is your neighbor? What new ideas and initiatives are in our neighborhood? How can we support each other? What can I do?

11am-1pm Neighborhood-Potluck-Brunch

1pm – 7pm Project presentations, workshops, music and program for kids

7pm Dinner and Films

(Entrance free)

We’re inviting all inhabitants of Wedding and local projects to co-create this day. Present your projects! What are you working on in Wedding? Do you need help? Are you looking for people? Come the the neighborhood-potluck-brunch – and don’t forget to bring your neighbors…

Participate and Volunteer

Do you want to take part with your social or ecological project? Check out our CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

Could you help us with a few hours of volunteer work during the festival? That would be great! Check out our HELP page

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